our story 

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BeautyLynk was founded by Modjossorica (Rica) Elysee after. She was first inspired to create Boston Naturals after noticing that in the Boston area there was a dearth of spaces and opportunities for women and men of color with natural hair to come together, learn about their unique hair and beauty needs, and bond. Equipped with personal family struggles and  the same passion that she brought to Boston Naturals, Rica decided to tackle another problem: the severe lack of salons and barbershops employing experienced professionals who specialize in multi-textured hair. Through her work with Boston Naturals, she was already familiar with this need, and she set her mind to creating a business that would connect professionals with a distinctly underserved community of beauty enthusiasts.



BeautyLynk is a technology company focused on revolutionizing the beauty industry! Focused on bringing solutions to innovate, re-imagine and shape the beauty industry for the future. Our team builds, design, and test products devoted to improving the standard of living for beauty professionals, salon owners, companies, and customers.


We believe our #1 customer are the beauty professionals we serve. Our features are built with professionals in mind. Our platforms can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business. The continued inspiration will lea d to continued innovation in the beauty industry.