BeautyLynk Partners With Roxbury Innovation Center to Bring Free Beauty Workshops to Boston

For a beauty industry professional, or a serious beauty enthusiast, to stay at the peak of their ability getting the latest in education and information is a must.  In Boston, high energy company BeautyLynk has committed to helping make that happen.

December 18, 2017

For a very vibrant, growing city Boston sometimes falls short when it comes to services available to beauty professionals.  Boston-based BeautyLynk continues to combat that trend by recently announcing their series of beauty workshops in partnership with the very well-regarded Roxbury Innovation Center to bring the Boston beauty community together in a positive, productive and valuable way.

The Roxbury Innovation Center is a non-profit organization that supports local economic development by empowering small business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs with programs, work spaces, and connections in the startup community.

“We are very excited about our new relationship with Roxbury Innovation Center and how it opens the door to holding these remarkable workshops here in Boston,” Rica Elysee, Founder & CEO of BeautyLynk.  “It's very important for the beauty industry to both connect with people and to help our community connect with each other. It creates a win-win dynamic where everyone has a chance to prosper, look and feel their best.”

Details about the workshops can be found on Eventbrite, as well as the Roxbury Innovation Facebook page.

BeautyLynk professionals are well known for being technology innovators in the beauty world, using their deep knowledge to help professionals acquire new clients, and better serve their clients with eye opening ways that often deliver very attractive return on investments.  Past, current and future BeautyLynk projects and products target all aspects of the beauty world from beauty professionals, salon owners, companies, to customers and beyond.

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Dedication to Professionalism and Education BeautyLynk joins forces with ANHC Pro

Because of our commitment to the education and growth of our Professionals, BeautyLynk and TheLynkUp are providing our platform members with one year ANHC Pro memberships.  ANHC Pro is a national beauty industry trade association.  ANHC Pro supports its members by doing the following.

Providing industry opportunities and greater awareness to each member's brand
Hosting events specific to current trends and developments within the industry
Shining a light on the benefits of investing in professionals beauty services.

ANHC Pro also provides its members with sub-networks specific to their individual needs.  Each sub-network connects members with fellow members who have the same needs; provides resources specific the network’s needs; and is a place for making requests to ANHC Pro specific to those needs.  ANHC Pro’s subnetworks include the following.

  • Barbers Network
  • Educators Network
  • Freelance Artists Network
  • Indie Product Developers Network
  • Indie Beauty Brands Network
  • Local States Needs Networks
  • Makeup Artists Network
  • Retailers and Distributors Network
  • Sisterlock Consultants Network
  • Salon and Shop Owners Network
  • Suite Enterprises Network
  • Schools and Curriculum Developers Network

ANHC Pro is a long time supporter of BeautyLynk’s efforts to serve the needs of beauty professionals and we are happy to working with them to be take this next step to do more for our professionals.

Innovative Book at Home on Site Pro Beauty Stylist Service BeautyLynk Celebrates Long List of Expanded Features and Services



Innovative Book at Home on Site Pro Beauty Stylist Service BeautyLynk Celebrates Long List of Expanded Features and Services


Getting their start in Boston with the breakthrough idea of accepting appointments for hair and makeup professionals to come do work in client's homes, BeautyLynk has been a remarkable success.  After two years of organic growth, the company recently announced exciting news - expanding into new cities, debuting a new iOS app and the launch of their new men's brand division TheLynkUp.


August 25, 2017


Sometimes a great idea hits at the right time and place and the sky literally becomes the limit.  All signs are pointing towards this being the case with Boston headquartered BeautyLynk, an innovative company that allows clients to book hair and makeup professionals from home, who then deliver their services in the comfort of the customer's home or office.  Getting their start in 2015, BeautyLynk has steadily grown in popularity, recently announcing a number of new features and services are now available from the passionate BeautyLynk team.  Excitement surrounding the news is high.


“We are always thinking about expanding what we offer in a way that makes sense both for our business model and for improving the experience of our valued clients,”  commentedElysee, co-founder and CEO of BeautyLynk.  “We are beyond excited about our expansion and what it means to the company.”


According to Elysee, some highlights of the news coming out of BeautyLynk, include:  BeautyLynk now expanding beyond Boston, opening up in a number of new cities where BeautyLynk will be a good fit; the launch of a BeautyLynk iOS app, making it more convenient for iOS users to connect with BeautyLynk professionals; the launch of a new, revamped and easier to navigate website; and, perhaps most exciting of all, the grand opening of men's brand using the same winning model TheLynkUp – something which will not only deliver a great service to male clients, but also open up employment opportunities to professionals who specialize in men's hair.


Stay tuned, it's clear late 2017, 2018 and beyond will see BeautyLynk continue to exceed even the highest expectations – built on a foundation of more than happy clients and the most professional of services.


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